About StrongBox

StrongBox eSolutions, LLC (StrongBox) is a solutions based financial technology enterprise engaged in the research, development and implementation of efficiency based software in highly fragmented and inefficient target vertical markets located in North America. StrongBox's primary activity is in providing cloud based, efficiency focused eCommerce software products to these markets both directly as well as through established relationships with our channel partners.

StrongBox's operations are organized into three eCommerce services business segments: Professional (Dental, Legal and Medical); Web & Mobile; and, Retail Services. Our executives and solutions leaders represent key assets within each segment, as does our experienced, cross-functional management and partner team responsible for each of the specialized, functional segments, overseeing and coordinating the activities of each segment’s value added offerings and activities.

StrongBox and its predecessors were incorporated in 2009 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with hub operations located in Chicago, Illinois.


StrongBox’s mission is to embed our tailored software solutions to target markets by delivering a customized and secure eCommerce platform that offers speed, reduced cost and efficiency to our clients and business partners operating in fragmented, highly inefficient industries.