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StrongBox offers innovative, proprietary revenue management solutions for our Professional Services clients.  For over seven years, StrongBox has developed and implemented solutions targeting efficient revenue management practices to achieve best in class profitability for our clients.

StrongBox’s cloud based billing system software delivers immediate value by enhancing a practices’ efficiency, which translates to being paid more, faster with less work!

Founded in 2009, our platform enables practice administers to stream line workflow and enhance the efficiency of billing and office management.  StrongBox user’s collection rates are above the industry standards, revenue generation and realization are accelerated and days in accounts receivable are reduced, all yielding significant value to your practice.

StrongBox’s dedicated experts understand that practice administers most time-consuming tasks, such as bill preparation, mailing, bill follow-up, denial management, payment collection and more can be streamlined through our application.

StrongBox is the premier solution to practice efficiency and revenue acceleration. StrongBox stores payment instrument in an industry compliant fashion (PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant) and our software seamlessly processes payments for clients’ amount due.  Your clients guarantee payment with a financial/payment instrument (credit card, ACH, etc…) and sign authorization for payment of contractually-obligated amounts, such as deductibles, copayments, co-insurance and retainers.

StrongBox empowers you to seamlessly processes payments for these amounts due at the time of serve and afterwards.

Learn more about how StrongBox can help improve your practice by saving time and generating more revenue.

One efficiency based feature of StrongBox, is our batch billing feature: