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StrongBox Legal proprietary billing system delivers immediate value by enhancing legal practices’ efficiency, which translates to being paid more, faster with less work!  Getting paid and getting paid timely are the top challenges for attorneys in private practice. These problems are more critical for attorneys who practice as sole practitioners and in small to mid-size law offices because it takes staff and systems to attract clients and get paid.  Clients who feel you have accommodated to their needs with a tailored billing plans often will refer new clients to you.

Our platform works seamlessly with practice administers to enhance the efficiency of billing and your office management.  StrongBox Legal user collection rates are above the industry standards, revenue generation and realization are accelerated and days in accounts receivable are reduced, all yielding significant value to your practice.  StrongBox Legal’s dedicated experts understand practice administers most time-consuming tasks, such as bill preparation, mailing bill follow-up, denial management, payment collection and more.

StrongBox Legal Features:

Easy-to-use to establish predictable billing and revenue management
Intuitive dashboard design gives quick access to most frequently used places
Evergreen retainers
Retainer balances maintained at agreed upon levels
Reduce manual data entry needed for bill submission
Efficient payment plans/installments at 0% Interest
Task manager ensures accountability and efficiency
Billing discipline.  Batch billing + accounts receivable reporting dashboard
Print client statements
Access to industry pioneer in payer and provider connectivity

StrongBox Legal FAQ:

Q: Who are your competitors?
A: StrongBox Legal has a limited number of competitors who oer evergreen retainer software.
Rocket Matter is legal practice management software tool for generating bills. Accepts credit card
payments and bank ACH payments but requires the client to initiate the payment vs. StrongBox Legal
which has the bank and credit card information securely stored in our Payment Card Industry Data
Security Standard (PCI-DSS or PCI) compliant software for immediate presentment upon generation of
an invoice. StrongBox solves the collection component by eliminating client initiated funds transfers
(pull vs. push) and we have the ability to create payment plans with multiple forms of stored nancial
instruments (ACH, Credit, Debit).
Again a client initiated payment process (push) versus the StrongBox initiated payment process (pull).


Q: How is StrongBox different?
A: These products are both legal practice management software products that take care of many
aspects of billing/collecting/documenting for legal practices (not what StrongBox does). Our competitors
“evergreen” features are basically a reminder system that is based on the accounting functions.
When a certain limit has been reached, the software noties the billing person. Their software has the
ability to send an electronic invoice to the client. The client then has to pull the trigger and send
StrongBox diers in that it does not send an invoice. Instead, it uses the stored payment information to
instantly collect the agreed-upon amount from the client and then automatically sends out a receipt to
the client. The other products do not do this.


Q: Is it a SaaS based platform that resides in the cloud to bill, collect, replenish the retainer, automate,
connect electronically with clients, etc…?
A: Yes