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StrongBox Medical is a proprietary billing system that delivers immediate value by enhancing medical practices’ efficiency, which translates to being paid more, faster with less work! Our Medical platform enables practices to significantly increase the efficiency of collecting patient-due amounts. StrongBox practices achieve collection rates above the industry standards, accelerated revenue generation and realization, reduced days in accounts receivable, minimized cost of collections – all yielding significant value to your practice.

StrongBox’s dedicated medical practice experts understand that practice administrators’ most time-consuming tasks, such as bill preparation, mailing, follow-up billing, collections calls, check processing and more can be virtually eliminated with our software.

StrongBox Medical Features:

Easy-to-use as a stand-alone application or interface with your Practice Management Software (PMS).
HIPAA compliant with click-through Business Associate Agreement.
Intuitive dashboard design provides quick access to batch billing, recurring payments and other functions.
Reduce cost by eliminating physical bills, which saves on paper, postage and labor.
Eliminate repetitive billing cycles, turning the Revenue Management Cycle into a Revenue Stream.
Create scheduled payment plans to provide a no-cost alternative to better manage medical nancing.
Advanced reporting functions ensure accountability and eciency.
Collect patient-due amounts via credit card and/or ACH payments at the time of visit and afterwards.
Securely store patient credit cards and ACH information for future payments.
Print and email patient receipts.

StrongBox Medical FAQ:

Q: Who are your competitors?
A: There are numerous practice management platforms. Some oer the ability to accept payments
but all require the patient to initiate payment as compared to StrongBox which can originate payment.
StrongBox also oers exibility in that it can work side by side practice management software systems,
either sever or cloud based.


Q: How can StrongBox Medical help my practice?
A: The biggest challenge facing medical practices is the collection of unreimbursed insurance
expenses. Strongbox Medical software is a sophisticated credit card data storage, management and
billing system that allows users to process and store nancial instrument in a secure industry compliant
manner providing for the ability to process individual payment make automated recurring payments.


Q: Is it a SaaS based platform that resides in the cloud to bill and collect automate, connect electronically
with clients, etc…?
A: Yes