StrongBox Cloud Based Solutions

StrongBox offers a cloud based efficiency and profit enhancing software platform.  The cloud is one of the key attributes of StrongBox as it represents the future of private practice technology and eCommerce activity.

The cloud is far superior maintaining an in-house client/server software system and represents a lower cost, more secure alternative to secure a practices financial well-being.   The total costs and additional staff resources associated with buying and maintaining an in-house hardware system are significant; layer on the costs to print, stuff envelopes, stamp and mail statements and follow-up is cost prohibitive and a resource drain.  Further, client/server systems require private practices to license each application on every device, upfront and continuing costs erode profitability.

Consider the following costs of client-server software:

  • Data storage
  • Data backup & recovery
  • Multi-site & remote connectivity
  • Space & facilities
  • Major upgrades
  • Technical support

StrongBox cloud based software is a superior alternative that small-mid size practice owners can save money, time and hassle on a daily basis. Here are a few benefits of cloud for small businesses:

  1. Reduction of Costs: Cloud-hosted servers enable mass-scale computing power and minimize IT requirements and physical storage, providing a significant savings.
  2. Anytime, Anywhere: Cloud-hosted SaaS desktops allow users to access their files anytime, anywhere, using any device. Files are no longer stuck on one single computer.
  3. Ease of Collaboration: Saving and accessing files through the cloud allows everyone to work from the same master document. Administrators can even implement access and permission controls.
  4. Reduces Risk: The cloud adds security for its users by backing-up data off-site, decreasing the potential for hackers, viruses, and other cyber-security issues.
  5. Improves Efficiency: After migrating to the cloud, companies no longer worry about power requirements, space considerations or software updates.

StrongBox cloud enables your IT infrastructure to evolve as quickly as your business does.  Moving forward with cloud computing, either in a private, dedicated or co-location environment, will bring your practice many benefits that directly impact productivity and security.


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